Tail Twister-
The Tail Twister: Function and Duties

The duties of the tail twister are to promote harmony, good fellowship and enthusiasm at club
meetings by appropriate stunts and games and a judicious imposition of fines on club members.
New Lions may be inhibited and shy and the tail twister can suitably introduce them and make
them feel that they are valued members of the club.

Fining members is a key element of a successful tail twister. But fining for funds only and not
for fun is a mistake.

One of the primary tasks of the tail twister is to extract humor and laughter with jokes, puns,
witticisms, mimicry, acting, singing or dramatizations. Laughter is universal, but the tail
twister’s rostrum should never be used for insulting anyone.  A tail twister who levies fines on
members in order to satisfy personal grudges will soon fall from grace. Care need be taken,
however, in promoting humor because vulgar jokes are not compatible with the ethics of Lions
Clubs International.