Opportunities For Youth

Katharyn Wiegand

North American Membership Initiative-

Rejuvenate districts with new clubs.

Revitalize clubs with new members.

Re-motivate members with new fellowships and exciting service.

The goals for the pilot districts are positive membership growth and the development of scalable best practices.

Teams are to be directly involved in planning, promoting and supporting NAMI activities throughout their districts. Individual roles are identified during the team building process within each district.

International Relations-

The International Relations Chairperson’s role is to encourage clubs to participate in activities in support of the third Purpose of Lions    Clubs International:

To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world.

Identify appropriate projects for the District.
Facilitate participation in: International club twinnings; Lions Day with the United Nations; International Relations Month (October);

Meet with Lion leaders to develop a coordinated plan for the year; Work with LCIF and the youth and camp exchange chairpersons and visit clubs.