Leo Club Chairperson

     The Leo Club Program provides young people with the opportunity to develop leadership skills by conducting civic and service activities in their communities. Leo Club Chairpersons contribute to the success of their Districts through the promotion, development and continual support of Leo Clubs. Appointed at the District and Multiple District level, Leo Club Chairpersons serve a three-   year term during which they encourage Leos and Leo Club advisors to bring new energy, inspire fresh ideas for service and grow the Leo Club Program.

Chairperson Duties-

Provide encouragement, coaching and motivational aids for all Lions who are actively involved in Leo Club extension and development activities.

Become familiar with the fundamental principles and procedures for sponsoring a Leo Club.

Promote and publicize the Leo Club Program within the District.

Encourage Lions Clubs to sponsor Leo Clubs.

Become familiar with Leo resources and materials available from International Headquarters.

Provide current information to Lions Clubs that request it.

Contact advisors of new Leo Clubs to offer encouragement.

Maintain communication with advisors of existing clubs.

Conduct two leadership development seminars at the beginning of the fiscal year – one for Leo advisors, the other for Leo Club officers.

Serve as the official liaison between the Lions District Cabinet and the Leo District Council.

Keep the District Governor and International office informed of the progress of the Leo Club Program in the District, and report to the Lions District Cabinet all resolutions of the Annual Leo District Conference.

Encourage graduating Leos to consider joining a Lions Club; work closely with Leos and Leo Club advisors in the District to ensure that graduating Leos are aware of the many incentives and options available to former Leos who become Lions.

Meet regularly with the Multiple District Leo Club Chairperson, if one exists.

Provide a report of your committee’s activities to the Cabinet Secretary two weeks before the District Cabinet meeting so they can become part of the minutes of the meeting and on the District website for informational purposes.

Promote and encourage Leo attendance at the Annual District Convention Meeting, and help plan functions for Leos.

Provide the District Governor with the names of Leo club officers each June.