The District Governor shall act under the general supervision of the International Board of Directors as the representative of Lions
International in this District and shall have general supervision over all Lions Clubs therein, and, in addition, shall:

(a) Further the Purposes and Objects of Lions International;
(b) Supervise organization of new Lions Clubs;
(c) Promote cordial relations among the chartered Lions Clubs;
(d) Preside over all Cabinet, Convention and other District   meetings;
(e) Endeavor to visit each club at least once during the term of office;
(f) Exercise supervision and authority over Cabinet officers and District committee appointees as is provided in this
Constitution, including, but not by way of limitation, the following:
(1) Supervise the collection of all per capita fees by the Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer, designate a depository(s) for said
funds and authorize payment therefrom of all legitimate expenses pertaining to the administration of the affairs of the
(2) Secure, set the amount of and approve the surety
company issuing, the surety bond for the Cabinet Secretary-
(3) Secure, semi-annually or more frequently, District financial reports from the Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer;
(4) Provide for an annual or more frequent audit of the books and accounts of the Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer and set
up a definite schedule of dates, times and places of Cabinet meetings to be held during the fiscal year.
(g) Submit a current itemized statement of total District receipts and expenditures to the annual District convention;
(h) Submit such other reports and perform such other duties as may be required by the International Board of Directors;
(i) Deliver, forthwith, within thirty (30) days after the termination of his term of office, all District accounts, funds and record
to his successor in office.
(j)  Appoint members as needed to the Panhandle of Texas Foundation.
(k) Appoint members of District Zones Teams
(l)  Appoint District Teams and Advisors to the Governor