The Treasurer shall act under the supervision of the District Governor. His/her specific responsibilities shall be to:

(a)Get assigned to the "Cabinet Secretary" position in MyLCI.  Update the MyLCI "My District" tab to reflect the current
District Governor, Secretary and Tresurer and make sure the 1st and 2nd Vice  District Governors are listed in MyLCI by
calling MyLCI support if they are not listed.  Add/Update the other various menu items under "My District" and "My Tasks"
in MyLCI as appropriate.
(b) Update the District Directory.
(c) Keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Cabinet, and within five (5) days after each meeting
make the minutes available to all members of the Cabinet, and forward copies of the same to the office of Lions International
with in 5 days of the meeting to:
(d) Take and keep minutes of the District Convention and furnish copies of the same to Lions International, the District
Governor and place a copy in the District file to be made available by the Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer to each club in the
district on request.
(e) Assist the District Governor and the Cabinet in conducting the business of the district and perform such other duties as are
specified or implied in this Constitution and By-Laws, or as may be assigned from time to time by the District Governor or
the Cabinet.
(f) Sign all notices and documents issued by the district.
(g) Make an annual report to the Cabinet at its meeting immediately preceding the annual District Convention, and such other
reports at such other times as the District Governor or Cabinet may require.
(h) Keep accurate books and records of account, and minutes of all Cabinet and District meetings, and permit inspection of the
same by the District Governor, any Cabinet member and any club (or authorized agent of any club) at any reasonable time for
any purpose. Upon direction of the District Governor or the Cabinet, furnish any such books and records as requested to any
auditor appointed by the District Governor.
(i) Deliver, in a timely manner, at the conclusion of his/her term in office, the general records of the district to his/her
successor in office.